Working Together

This course is all about understanding how people work, and how you can work more effectively with others. We'll walk you through your own expresso data, focusing on 3 key areas: Motivation, Perspective and Application of the data. 

Originally created as a video-based workshop, this self-paced course version of the material retains all the team and organisation focused content but delivered in a way that enables each individual to engage and process the information and insights at their own pace. 

What do you get?

Included in this course are 4 Modules, containing a total of 28 lessons:

  • Introduction - Here we'll lay the foundations for what we're going to cover in the course, introduce you to some of the ways expresso can help you and start discussing the language of the 4 colours...
  • Motivation - In this Module we'll start digging into the data, namely those sections which give you insight into your Motivation: Your Interests, Focus and Asterisk on the Grid.
  • Perspective - In the 3rd Module we'll get stuck into the other markers on the Grid and what they reveal to you about your own perspective (and how this may differ to that of others).
  • Application - This final Module will give you specific examples to get you thinking about how to apply everything you have learnt in the course to different areas of your life and career - how to work with your team, how to cope with change, how to manage stress, and how to engage with your own learning & development.

You'll find that each lesson is packed with great insights, detail and opportunities to learn and reflect. As well as the course itself, you'll also get a course workbook which you'll be able to download in the first lesson. This 42-page digital workbook contains summaries of content covered in the video lessons, as well as questions and reflection prompts, and room to make your own notes.


This course requires you to have an expresso report. If you’ve already got expresso you are good to go!

If you already have a Birkman® Signature report, or you have completed hoozyu, we will provide you with a free import to expresso when you purchase this course. You'll just need to complete the steps below.

  • If you have Birkman Signature: After purchasing the course, email your First Name, Last Name, Birkman ID (the 6 digit code on the front page or lower edge of your report, starting with a B or G) and whether you completed with Kokkoi, Elaura or Other to [email protected] with the subject line: Working Together - expresso Import from Signature

  • If you have hoozyu: After purchasing the course, email your First Name, Last Name, and your Birkman ID (you'll find this 6 digit code, starting with a B or G, at the top of the Dashboard page of the hoozyu platform) to [email protected] with the subject line: Working Together - expresso Import from hoozyu

If you haven’t already completed the Birkman Questionnaire (i.e. you don't have an expresso, hoozyu or Birkman report) you can purchase expresso + Working Together as a bundle - just contact us at [email protected] and let us know what you're after.

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